About us


The vision of UNISAS INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT is to be Egypt’s best logistics services provider, in terms of effectiveness, reliability, speed, price and professionalism. We aim at offering our customers the ultimate solutions that will facilitate their work and satisfy their every need.



Our primary responsibility is to fulfill our global customers’ needs and tailor our services to their circumstances. We do that through listening to their demands, anticipating their needs and adding value to all facets of their business transaction.

We adopt a management philosophy that balances between people and profit. In turn that leads to a friendly and highly productive environment, where our experienced staff offers its time and effort willingly to satisfy our customer.

We do attract and hold on to the best and greatest talents within the trade and create the best workplace in Egypt applying the concept “ freedom with responsibility “.



UNISAS INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT has affiliations and memberships to the following organizations:

  • IATA
  • EIFFA Egyptian International Freight Forwarding Association
  • Chamber of Commerce